Friday, August 13, 2010

Studio Update and a Custom Order

Hey! We're making quick progress with the studio!

We've already got some new outlets put in for the kiln and our oxygen concentrators. On Wednesday we picked up the ventilation hood (which is amazing by the way-check out that craftsmanship!), and also the plumbing was done for the propane. Yesterday, we picked up some awesome stainless steel table tops we found on craigslist. Today, Jason will be getting the blower for the ventilation, and also the workstation to put the table tops on. :)

Eastern Vent Systems made this hood in less than two days (it's 6' X 2')! You can see Jason in the photo, taking apart the chair that I assembled wrong....

Here's a quick photo of the plumbing for the propane, which was also done amazingly fast by Wetherbee Plumbing and Heating

Now, we just have to have the ductwork put in, get the approval on the propane and set up the torches.

Gotta have some glass eye candy in every post, so here's a quick photo of a custom order. A tiny evil eye pendant!

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