Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Organic Style Beads from Jason

Organic beads are definitely one of my favorite styles. Fine silver and blue silver leaf when mixed with ivory and other colors create amazing striations and reactions. Organic beads look as if you could have found them at some archaeological dig.

Jason has been working a lot with blue silver leaf lately, as well as mixing silver leaf with rich premium silver glasses from Double Helix. Here are just a few of the recent ones to come out of the kiln. Some are listed on Etsy already, so I have provided the links :)

Also, we are signing the lease for our new studio space today! :)


  1. Congrats on signing the new lease!!!

  2. So nice meeting you both last night; I've passed your website on to a beading friend who is also a science fiction fan and will, I'm sure, adore your little monsters! (By the by, the email contact form on your website seems to be stuck in some sort of endless loop.)

  3. Kelleysbeads, thanks, we will have pictures up soon :)

    Joan, It was nice meeting you as well. Thanks so much for the samples you gave up last night :) Also thanks for passing our website along. We are actually going to change webhosts soon since I can't seem to edit the website anymore so I can't do anything about the contact section not working. Thanks for letting us know though :)


  4. Oh, how frustrating! Been there, got the shirt myself. If you are still looking around for an inexpensive decent service provider I can recommend mine, Hawkhost.com, as they have an excellent reputation and track record and my experience with them has been quite good. (They're small enough to give personal customer service but large enough to be reliable.) Good luck!