Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More marbles

AHHH I'm in love with soft glass marbles! So much easier to work silver glass with limited oxygen. Also can get decent sizes with only one concentrator. With boro I'd have two concentrators but seemed to take forever to get a decent size marble made. I just fixed this marble yesterday, I was surprised that this size marble could be fixed since it was soft glass but I had no problem reheating it in the flame. Anywho here is the marble.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Marble Pendant

We are having a 40% off sale in our Etsy shop for Monsters only :)

Here's one of the marble pendants. Probably going to try some small marbles to do the same thing but for earrings.

Soft Glass Marbles

Wednesday I ended up making one soft glass marble that turned out great but had a flat spot where the final punty was. Yesterday I didn't have much time on the torch but I was determined to make a perfect soft glass marble. I made four total, one had a mark that almost looked like a chip came off the marble so I wirewrapped it for myself :) It was a nice organic one with silver leaf on it. I was surprised I did so well with soft glass marbles since I like to use a lot of heat and thought boro would be easier because of that. It turns out the soft glass ones took quite a bit less time to shape.

I am starting to wirewrap some of my old boro marbles that have been sitting waiting to be listed online. Those will start to be listed on the upcycled copper Etsy now.

Here's my soft glass marbles from yesterday (only two out of the four)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am really having so much fun making all sorts of copper jewelry! Made some rings Monday and yesterday, so here's a few of them that are listed on Etsy. It seems like everytime I am driving lately I come up with new pendant ideas so going to work on those in the next few days. Just a little over a month to our first show!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wire Jig

Our packages came in Tuesday and I am loving using the wire jig! Here are a few of the beads/buttons pendants I've made (middle one just sold and is our first sale!!). More on our new etsy :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Etsy

I don't have a picture of the copper bracelet that I said I would post because our wire straighteners are coming in today so I figured I would show the one I make next that is a better quality. We opened up a new etsy shop, It has only copper wire pendants with lampwork beads so far but will have much more variety soon. We ordered a tumbler so going to put our stained glass/fusing glass scrap in the tumbler and then make some home decor items. Probably also get some earrings and rings up but that won't be right away.

We placed a few different orders lately so waiting on a bunch of new exciting things :) From Arrow Springs we got some puffy mandrels, adventurine and a JC sifter with coil actuator. From Rings and Things we got some greek beads, wire wrapping jig, wire straightener, ring sizer and ring mandrel. From Monsterslayer we got sterling silver wire, sterling beads and the tumbler. The Arrow Springs order got delayed and should be in today along with the Rings and Things order :) It's so fun getting new stuff to play with :)

Here's a few of the copper pendants in our new shop