Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our New Studio Space!

Hey everyone!

Jason and I signed the lease for our new studio space yesterday! It is located in the Riverview Artist Mills in Wilton, NH. We're so excited to start moving in! Here's a couple of cheesy photos :) We'll be posting more as we clean/move in.

And a cool bead photo for good measure :)

I'll be at the Peterborough Farmer's market today, so stop by if you're in town! It's in Depot Square Park from 3-6pm!



  1. How cute are you two? And how exciting?! I'm excited for you guys with your new studio space!!! Can't wait to see pics of it all set up! :)

  2. Can't wait to visit your store. Will pass on info to friends and family Wishing you success....(o: Maddie

  3. Kelley, it's so exciting to have such a great big space! There are some artists we know that have studios in the same mills and they are so talented and friendly!

    Maddie, can't wait to have you stop by and thanks for passing the info to friends and family :)