Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Friday I was working on some honeycomb style pendants and the tubing was getting short after making a few of them. I decided to attach the two tubes together and then while I was waiting for that to cool I cleaned up the end of a 12mm clear rod. I thought the tubing would still be warm so I started to clean up the shorts of color. While attempting to pick up one of the shorts the back of my finger touched the clear rod and left a nice mark :( Anywho here is some of the honeycombs I made the past week.

We are heading out with Zoey at 5 today to drop her off at Laurie's :( We were hoping to take her for a walk today but lots of rain this morning. I'll probably end up cleaning the studio when we get back and maybe take pictures tonight for the website. Stitch got a new toy so he will probably get his picture taken too :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally Spring!

It's finally spring! It's also been very cold! We haven't been using the woodstove lately since there is one days worth of wood left. I have been working a lot on pendants the past few days, got a few very good ones :) Here's a picture of a pendant I mentioned in previous post, it is also about the same as the one I sent into the exchange.

I forgot to take pictures of the pendants I sent into the exchange :/ I sent three in; filagree, implosion and one like the picture above.

Farmer's market is coming up very soon! We are going to get quotes for insurance today for the market :) Then on the 2nd of April there is a meeting. The first day of the farmer's market is on May 7th! We haven't really planned our layout yet but will post some pictures when we start working on that.

Zoey is heading for surgery on the 29th! We won't have her back till April 10th! We will miss that little puppy :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Been a while

We have been having so much fun with Zoey!! We uploaded two videos on youtube of Zoey playing in the snow after the recent storm, she loves fresh powdery snow :) It is funny to see her hop in an area that is about as deep as she is tall. She loves to cuddle, she will play fetch with me for about 5-10minutes then jump in my lap to sleep. Sometimes she will wake up after a while then play fetch for a minute and hop back onto my lap.

Andrea sent in a flower based fish for the animal exchanged mentioned in previous post and here it is :)

I have been trying new things with boro; sea creatures, beads, new pendant styles (one came out amazing and will post pictures once Andrea takes pictures), aliens using eye cane I made from Pipyr's class and a few other things.

Here is a boro focal bead I made Friday, my favorite so far!