Thursday, October 29, 2009

Demo and Kobuki

Last Friday I did my first demo, it was with Marta's class. It was a snowflake/star bead demo, I saw a lot of the ones the students were making and they were amazing :)

I left before open torch that day to head up to the hotel in Maine for Kobuki's class. His class is amazing and if anyone has a chance to take his class I'd highly recommend it if you enjoy making either pendants or marbles. I got to see five demos, he did one I missed the night we headed back, four of them were flowers and one was the jellyfish I have been wanting to see really bad! This week I have been making so many marbles! Most of them are actually coming out decent. I tried two jellyfish yesterday, first one came out alright but I fixed my mistakes one the second one but it cracked! Not completely sure why it cracked but it still went into the kiln and will be part of my collection :) Here's a picture of the first marble I made after getting back from the class, really happy with it :)

Not sure if I posted before but we got a new car finally, it is a 2002 Ford Focus. The car is really fun to drive. It is a standard though so getting used to driving one since never really drove a standard around.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Farmer's Market Video

Here's a video from the New Boston, NH farmer's market we are doing this year :) We usually have the display more full but sold so many recently that we need to restock.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teacher's Assistant!

I have been talking back and forth with the director of education at Sharon Arts Center and I had an interview with her yesterday about being a teacher's assistant, and possibly teaching in the future. The interview went well and starting tomorrow and continuing on Fridays till 11/6 I will be Marta Bernbaum's assistant!!!! Her beautiful work can be seen here. I am very excited at this amazing opportunity :) While being an assistant I will earn "Learn and earn" time which for every two hours I volunteer for I earn one hour towards a class!

I also signed up this morning for John Kobuki's marble making class for 24/25 of this month! Also very excited about how much my marble/pendant skills will improve after that!