Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some New Beads From Andrea

I've been torching like crazy lately, and have some sets to show today. Most are on Etsy already, some will be listed today/tomorrow. :)

Transparent dark green discs with white glass powder

Black rounds with Double Helix Triton designs

Black rounds with Double Helix Ecko designs

Jade green pressed discs

Transparent blue rounds with scrolls

Transparent blue rounds with transparent scrolls

Transparent blue discs with green glass powder

This morning I made about 30 beads with baking soda on the surface. They came out so cool looking - very natural/rock like. I'll post tomorrow once they're out of the kiln. The Peterborough Farmer's Market is today from 3-6 at the Depot Square Park, stop by if you're in town!

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