Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach-y Stuff!

Jason has been working on some great stuff lately! Tonight I'll be showing an amazing crab (which I have since made into a really cute necklace using hemp twine and an upcycled copper clasp). Also a tiny clear vessel pendant that we filled with seashells we collected from the NH coast. Today, Larry The Lobster went to a new home, always exciting! :)

The bead holes in the crab go right through the claws so he hangs down from the necklace :)

This vessel is so adorable! It looks even better in person.

I couldn't resist adding this cool seashell pendant! Jason starts out making it like a vessel but then blows out one side and sculpts it into a seashell. :)



  1. That crab is too cool! I love his claws and the color you used!!

  2. Thanks, Kelley!

    Jason used Effetre Dark Red for the crab. :)