Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring is coming! + Sale

Today I was outside with Zoey, Andrea's mom and her new dog, Jack and she showed me some plants starting to make their way out of the ground! It's nice to see and makes me even more excited for spring! It even is starting to warm up a little in the studio which will make it much more bearable to torch longer :)

Been working on making sets now using the Val Cox marver which is going great. I have one finished set (pictured below) and a bunch that are almost complete and will finish those up this weekend. The Jim Moore lentil press will be here this coming Friday :)

We are starting to plan our shows/markets for this year and first one planned is Mother's Day Gift Show at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. This will be our first show so hope it goes well. We are hoping to do plenty of farmer's markets this year, so far we have heard from the Amherst, Peterborough and Newmarket markets.

Tomorrow is Zoey's first doggie play group! It is an hour long and hoping that goes well since she is scared of large dogs :( She has been getting better around people though! I brought her to the vet on Tuesday and she did not bark once! A much better visit than previous times, she barked about the whole time on those visits. So proud of my little hound haha :)

We are having a Valentine's day weekend sale with our Etsy shop, 20% off till midnight of Sunday EST. Here's the picture of first set finished using Val Cox marver :)

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