Saturday, February 6, 2010

299 Hearts!

Our etsy shop has 299 hearts tonight! How exciting! :D Anywho we are going to be adding a new tool to our studio very soon, a Jim Moore lentil press! Trying to see if anyone has a used one on Lampwork Etc. right now but if none by Monday morning we will place an order for a new one. We bought a wonderful tutorial from JewlieBeads ( for making a copper wire bracelet. The tutorial calls for a lentil shaped bead but we only have a straight sided lentil press, which would probably work perfect but we both really like the look of a regular lentil bead quite a bit.

We are very excited for this years farmer's market season, we plan to have much more variety than last year. Last year we focused on pendants and focals on silk cords. This year we plan to have a good selection of beaded/lampwork earrings, bracelets, rings as well as our necklaces. We may bring some sculptures, candle holders and marbles as well but not completely sure how the layout of the table will be yet.

I've still been enjoying making some flowers lately, probably the longest I've made one type of bead :) I've been trying out new flowers but those don't have pictures yet so here are a few big hole beads I've made recently.

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