Friday, February 26, 2010

Flooding is over, and took the power with it!

We have no power at the house so updating from the phone on wifi.

Yesterday the basement where the studio is started flooding. Jason spent most of the day shoveling water out until my dad picked up a pump. The pump worked great until the power went out around 11PM. So it was back to shoveling water all night for Jase!

It stopped raining at about 3AM and the flooding stopped after that. Hope we get power back soon! No torching until it's back :( We just bought mandrels and bead release too! We also just got a great package of mandrels and murrini from Sun Door Beads that we can't wait to try!



  1. gah. I'm so sorry your basement/studio got flooded. how awful! I hope you guys have flood insurance and that your power is restored asap. got all your mandrels dipped & ready to go?

  2. Flooding didn't get too far in the basement since I kept shoveling it out and then stopped raining luckily. We got power back around noon today. about 100 mandrels now ready to go haha :) Going to take a while to use them all :)