Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally Spring!

It's finally spring! It's also been very cold! We haven't been using the woodstove lately since there is one days worth of wood left. I have been working a lot on pendants the past few days, got a few very good ones :) Here's a picture of a pendant I mentioned in previous post, it is also about the same as the one I sent into the exchange.

I forgot to take pictures of the pendants I sent into the exchange :/ I sent three in; filagree, implosion and one like the picture above.

Farmer's market is coming up very soon! We are going to get quotes for insurance today for the market :) Then on the 2nd of April there is a meeting. The first day of the farmer's market is on May 7th! We haven't really planned our layout yet but will post some pictures when we start working on that.

Zoey is heading for surgery on the 29th! We won't have her back till April 10th! We will miss that little puppy :(

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