Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Friday I was working on some honeycomb style pendants and the tubing was getting short after making a few of them. I decided to attach the two tubes together and then while I was waiting for that to cool I cleaned up the end of a 12mm clear rod. I thought the tubing would still be warm so I started to clean up the shorts of color. While attempting to pick up one of the shorts the back of my finger touched the clear rod and left a nice mark :( Anywho here is some of the honeycombs I made the past week.

We are heading out with Zoey at 5 today to drop her off at Laurie's :( We were hoping to take her for a walk today but lots of rain this morning. I'll probably end up cleaning the studio when we get back and maybe take pictures tonight for the website. Stitch got a new toy so he will probably get his picture taken too :)

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