Monday, March 28, 2011

Some new beads!

Hi everyone!

We've been doing lots of torching in preparation for our Spring bead shows! We seem to have a bit of lampwork ADD, we each have so many different styles we like to make! Here's a whole lotta eye candy! Some are available in our Etsy shop until the shows.

Fine silver foil and blue adventurine, in a tornado/vertebrae style, encased with clear. Lots of subtle sparkle!

Black tube with dark ivory spots, topped with Kalypso Double Helix glass

Light turquoise tube, with Southwest inspired coral/light ivory pinwheels

Light turquoise rounds with raised fine silvered ivory scrolls

Light ivory pressed bead, with a dark turquoise Eye of Horus/Greek mati fusion design, with a silver glass dot for the pupil

Coral base with wisps of periwinkle and chartreuse, and encased white/transparent violet flowers with sparkling cubic zirconia centers. Silver glass dots on the surface

Pastel green base, with pastel purple scrolls, and encased white/light transparent purple flowers with cubic zirconia centers and trails of silver glass dots on the surface

Wispy green/purple, and encased white/pink rubino oro flowers with cubic zirconia centers. Looks like a watercolor painting! Silver glass dots on the surface for some extra bling

And last but not least, a set of floral beads with dark green/purple for the base, and white/pink rubino oro petals with plunged air bubble centers. Includes two white beads with plunged pink dots, encased with clear



  1. They're all so lovely! The orange, turquoise, and ivory textured one is particularly cool!

  2. Thank you! That one is one of my favorites of Jason's beads!