Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More new bead designs!

Jason's torching like a mad man, and has some awesome new designs!

Straited Jewel - This one's available on Etsy currently. A dark ivory base with organic swirls of silver glass, as well as raised mini black dots, and raised light purple silver glass dots capped with clear. Lots of detail!

Another pinwheel style, with a dark ivory base, oil slick silver glass in the middle, and dark red and tan pinwheels on the edge. Very bold colors in this one

An organic tube made with a silver rich twisty cane with hints of orange, greens and purples.

Jason normally makes galaxy style rounds for sets/bead pairs, but this time he made a giant focal! This bead has a black base that was covered in a sheet of fine silver leaf (see all the tiny specks of silver?) and then he added fine silver wire (see the cool "comets"!). Two corners hve been twisted and capped with fine silvered ivory dots.

Ah...scrolls, he made more colors (chartreuse, purple and black), but I took them and made them into earrings :) These have a lovely coral base, and the scrolls/dots are made of fine silvered ivory glass.

Some funky discs made with dark ivory and purple, perfect for Spring!

More scrolls! The beads are all made with the same purple glass, but the scroll rounds have been fumed by the fine silvered ivory scrolls, so they are sort of a multi-colored pastel purple.

More purple! Purple and light turquoise spacers accented with a single band of fine silvered ivory around the center.