Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More marbles

AHHH I'm in love with soft glass marbles! So much easier to work silver glass with limited oxygen. Also can get decent sizes with only one concentrator. With boro I'd have two concentrators but seemed to take forever to get a decent size marble made. I just fixed this marble yesterday, I was surprised that this size marble could be fixed since it was soft glass but I had no problem reheating it in the flame. Anywho here is the marble.


  1. Very cool! I have never tried making a marble before, nor have I seen it done. Could you make a video or have the other half take pics throughout the process? I bet alot of people would be interested in seeing how a marble is made!

  2. We are going to be making a bunch of videos to put on dvd for when we are at farmer's markets and shows so I can do one of me making a marble. I've just started making soft glass ones so I am not the best at it but can show the basic idea of how to make them. I'll probably work on that this weekend or sometime soon.