Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crushing glass is fun!

Andrea's dad recently got a much bigger frit crusher made for us :) I got to put it to some use after we found some high powered magnets to make sure there is no metals in the glass after being crushed. I got about half of the boro colors done that I wanted and tomorrow I will probably try out making a few different blends! I haven't gotten to use frit much before so I am excited to see results with some nice silver glass :) Probably a post with pictures in a few days with that.

We decided to have one torch on the bench instead of two since we both have trouble with hitting baffles. Sometimes when using glass punty's I can crack the seal by hitting the baffle lightly and then the work comes crashing down, and if it is a marble will probably want to roll on my lap.

Our dog Zoey ran on the treadmill while trying to get a treat, very funny and cute! We made a video of it and will post that tomorrow :)

Oh! Also sold we sold my first monster today! It was the one in the previous post with the flower!

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