Friday, February 6, 2009

Zoey info :)

Our new doggy's original name is Charm but she is not used to the name so we are switching her name to Zoey. She was born Nov 6th 07. Right now she weighs 8 lbs! Zoey is a chocolate/tan dappled miniature Dachshund (we call her a mini mini though because she's so tiny!). Her current owner is a mini Dachshund breeder, but she got Zoey from a breeder up north. She was kept in a crate most of her first year, and unfortunately was bred at 9 months old before she went to her current owner. Because of being bred at such a young age, and also Zoey is very small, she now has two hernias that she will have surgery to remove, probably the beginning of March. She is such a loveable puppy! We are very excited to spoil her :). We will be picking her up next week after she gets her rabies shot boosted.

My boro color order came in but it might be a few before I use it. I hurt my right arm, hand, shoulder and neck :/ I got a lot of colors for backing of implosion and other type of pendants :)

Andrea started using her zoozii's straight sided lentil press after a long break due to frustration, here are my favorites! More in our Etsy Shop :)

That's all for now, I will post lots and lots of pictures once we get Zoey! :) Also, probably update our YouTube with puppy videos.

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