Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We got our puppy!!!

It has almost been a week since we got Zoey! The first night, Friday, I was taking Zoey outside and she got frightened and backed out of her harness!! I tried to get her but she got more nervous so I ran to our bedroom window and started knocking to get Andrea's attention. Andrea came out and Zoey ran into her arms. That was a very scary experience.

Zoey is still getting used to being here, still shakes in certain situations. So far today she has not had any accidents inside the house :) The first few days we baby'ed her and she took advantage of it. She is really smart and the first time teaching her to walk/wait/come was succesful in minutes (once we knew how to train her properly)! We will have some videos on youtube soon :) One is her rolling flipped over in her doggy bed.

I torched today for the first time in a few weeks. My right side was swollen from tendonites, I didn't know it could swell up that bad. The swelling went down and I started doing excercises to hopefully prevent it from coming back. I only did a few soft glass beads, haven't done any since December I think. First color I picked was a shocky one and I still jumped when it popped. Boro is definately my favorite still :)

I sold my first boro marble a few days ago! It is the one with a picture from the first post on the blog. Also Andrea and I joined exchanges on Torch Bugs forum. I am doing a soft glass, boro and fused pendant exchange and I'll be sending in two boro pendants. Not sure what I am going to make for it yet since I have some ideas for new pendants. Andrea is doing an animal themed bead, sculpture, and jewelry exchange. These are our first exchanges so we are both excited. Andreas ends early in March and mine at the end. I'll post pictures of what we make and recieve.

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