Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Below is a picture from the show this past Sunday (4/25). The show didn't turn out to be that great but I loved how our booth looked! Not many people seemed to show up for the show, I'm not sure if there was even 10 customers in the room where the event was at any one time. It was nice experience to set up an indoor booth though. It would be great if we could have the same layout for the farmer's markets but a lot of the inventory/displays would be blown away especially at the Nashua FM. Now I have to organize everything we brought to the show and open our Etsy shop again.

I got a package of shards from Bexrox. I got a few different shards to test out before she puts them in her Etsy shop. I am trying out the first shard and I love it! I'm trying them on different bases and different techniques. I'll post pictures of the shards and the beads soon :) Can't wait to try out the rest!

Jason Powers

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