Thursday, October 29, 2009

Demo and Kobuki

Last Friday I did my first demo, it was with Marta's class. It was a snowflake/star bead demo, I saw a lot of the ones the students were making and they were amazing :)

I left before open torch that day to head up to the hotel in Maine for Kobuki's class. His class is amazing and if anyone has a chance to take his class I'd highly recommend it if you enjoy making either pendants or marbles. I got to see five demos, he did one I missed the night we headed back, four of them were flowers and one was the jellyfish I have been wanting to see really bad! This week I have been making so many marbles! Most of them are actually coming out decent. I tried two jellyfish yesterday, first one came out alright but I fixed my mistakes one the second one but it cracked! Not completely sure why it cracked but it still went into the kiln and will be part of my collection :) Here's a picture of the first marble I made after getting back from the class, really happy with it :)

Not sure if I posted before but we got a new car finally, it is a 2002 Ford Focus. The car is really fun to drive. It is a standard though so getting used to driving one since never really drove a standard around.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend between giving the demo and participating in Kobuki's class! We want more pics :)

    And yay for the new car. It has been years since I have driven a stick, but I always had fun shifting between gears. We gave it up when sitting in traffic for so long caused knee problems from using the clutch so much.