Friday, January 16, 2009


Andrea's parents ordered a cord of wood from someone yesterday and while the person was unloading it they all went out for a while shopping. Once the person unloaded the wood into the driveway I started to bring it into the studio which is on the opposite side of the house but luckily got to use a sled to help bring it most of the way. Andrea's dad tried starting a fire once he got back and had no luck even with a torch. After having no luck with the fire we brought it out back to the driveway. So we got no wood to warm up the studio today but we are going to organize a lot of old glass and random things we no longer need in our studio to get some extra cash. I organized a good amount of our old kiln-formed glass yesterday. We will be keeping molds just in case we ever want to make a few things in the future. Today we will be sorting out the stained glass also since we want to put all of our attention into lampworking. It should help free up a lot of space not having sheets of glass collecting dust :)

I made a few boro beads, trying to get used to not using soft glass :) I already found a few color combinations I like, one has a nice winter feeling to it. I will post them once they are off the mandrels.

I've tried three candle holders the past few days and here is my favorite. It stands at 11" It was a little difficult to fit into our chili pepper kiln.

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